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Papua New Guinea
The term "mocha java" conjures up thoughts of chocolate and coffee. Rightfully so, since today's mass marketers lead many down an ill path by labeling many heavily processed foods with the words "mocha", "java" or both. As "java" is synonymous for coffee, "mocha" is synonymous for chocolate, and again the expression came out of the world of coffee. In the early days of producing coffee in Southwest Asia, where coffees are known for their chocolate-like flavor notes, the coffees were exported from the now ancient Yemeni port city of Mocha. Today, Yemeni coffees are produced in the traditional manner using ancient varietals and are exported and marketed under the names Mattari, Hirazi, or Ismaili.

India's coffee production is approximately 60% arabica with much being classified as Arabica Plantation and is commonly known for delicate acidity and a rich cup.