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East Timor, Golden Isle, FTO
Papua New Guinea, Grade AX, Organic
Sumatra, Kopepi Ketiara, FTO
Three Asian coffee-producing regions are of great interest to Caffè Fresco SCR: The Malay Archipelago, India and Yemen. Fresco's current Asian offerings are listed to the left.

The Malay Archipelago located in Southeast Asia and Oceania contains over 20,000 tropical islands of which one — the large island of Java — is famous for fine arabica coffee. So famous that today, "java" has become synonymous for coffee. Other sought after coffee origins from this region are Sumatra, Sulawesi and Papua New Guinea. Traditionally these coffees are known for their magnificent body, complex acidity and earthy flavor notes, and now with today's wet-processing techniques these coffee origins can also be bright and delicate with fragrant acidity.