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Bolivia, BioArabica FTO
Brazil, Daterra's Reserve Espresso
Brazil, Daterra's Summer Solstice
Costa Rica, La Minita Tarrazu
Costa Rica, El Lilo - Microlot

Hacienda La Minita, the Consistently Superior Tarrazu!

Flavor Attributes: Citrus. Honey, Brown Sugar

Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Hibrido Tico

Process: Fully Washed & Machine Dried

Years ago, this perfectly crafted grand cru coffee was the first specialty coffee Caffe Fresco SCR's founder tasted. Ever Since, Tony Sciandra has been on an adventurous road through the world of coffee, and there is little doubt that road has you reading this sentence at this very moment. To learn more about Hacienda La Minita visit Fresco's links.

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