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Luna Nuova Espresso
You're in the right place if you are searching for a great tasting decaffeinated coffee. Caffe Fresco SCR's gentle and generous roast-style produces a flavorful and full-bodied decaffeinated cup without the bitterness or burnt tastes found in a lot of ill-roasted, decaffeinated coffees. Fresco's decaffeinated offerings are to the left. There you'll find conventionally decaffeinated beans as well as the highly sought after water-processed beans.

Decaffeinating coffee is a major process. The essence of the bean is removed from coffee while it is in its raw, green state (post farm, pre-roast). The caffeine is then greatly reduced from the essence by a chemical reaction or extensive filtering. The altered essence is then reintroduced back into the original altered green bean. Depending on the bean and the decaffeination process there is approximately 10 to 30 mg of caffeine in either a cup of "decaf" coffee or a single shot of espresso. Also, please note, due to the radical decaffeination process the Roast Maturation for a decaffeinated coffee is slightly shorter when compared to a regular coffee.