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Extraction is a ten-cent word for brewing. Forming simple rituals when brewing coffee or espresso will always lead you to the perfect cup—ultimately, it's what you're after! Here are simple tips to practice:

A Clean Machine Is A Happy Machine – A happy machine will perform better and produce a better cup. Clean your brewer and grinder on a regular basis. For the best ways to care for your machines refer to their owner's manual.

Use Fresh, Filtered, Cold Tap Water or Fresh, Quality Spring Water – A large part of your cup of coffee and espresso is water; 98% and 90% respectively. Use a quality filter system to remove foul odors and bad tastes from your tap water and make sure your spring water selection suits your taste before you use it for brewing—not all spring water taste good.

Bean and Grinding - Ideally use fresh-roasted beans while they are in their Prime Flavor Window and grind them just before brewing.